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Tummy Tuck

A well structured, firm and flat stomach, perfect posture and slim waist is the body culture which is ruling nowadays. There are several reasons for the enlarged protruding of abdominal length for the people like it might be for being overweight or a sudden weight loss or the people of pregnancy and post pregnancy.
All these can be majorly considered as the reasons for rise of opting surgical as option for fastest reduction of fat and have proper posture.
In the obese or overweight category the reason begin opting for tummy tuck is stress, unbalanced diet involving processed and junk food that too in inappropriate timings.
Where as, for women especially during pregnancy the skin gets enlarged to create space for the baby to form for the whole 9 month cycle wherein the abdomen part gets sagged and remains little stubborn with fat causing difficulty in burning the fat by taking long time. Hence for a pregnancy sagged belly tummy tuck is being opted for regaining the pre body.
This tummy tuck surgery which is also called as Abdominoplasty does many changes in the body by removing extra fat and sagged skin at the lower abdomen for perfect body contouring.


Firstly all it begins with consultation where the patient is asked number of questions regarding his personal, professional, health for complete picture of patient’s physical as well as mental health to know the medical background and how strong he/she is actually.
Then after for the surgery requirement a physical assessment will be done around the belly area to assess the fat content, extra inches and to know about the sagged skin.

Pictures and tests are taken for the medical record which is compulsion before the surgery.

– under the supervision of high professionals and general anesthesia, the process is started by making an incision near the lower abdomen, which is exactly above the bikini line, and following the incision method the fat content is removed, skin is lifted so that the sagging gets fevers or completely gone and abdominal muscles are stretched and tightened. If there’s any excessive skin that’ll be removed. The whole process usually takes for about 2-3 hours of time.

Post recovery stage needs to be little cautiously maintain the health. As little mobility and movements can be done after 10 – 15 days post surgery.
Hygiene near the surgical area without scratching or disturbing it, heavy lifting and vigorous exercises are not encouraged immediately after surgery, proper nutritional diet and good rest is all you needed.

Why Choose La Clinique for Tummy Tuck

La Clinique’s Tummy Tuck procedures are tailored to your needs, effectively removing excess skin and tightening abdominal muscles, resulting in a toned midsection and renewed self-assurance.