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Dental hygiene :

Like the physical as well as mental health, dental health is also very important for an individual for maintaining a healthy smile. As healthy smile is an indication for a healthy oral hygiene.

Oral care involves simple yet effective steps which should be followed for the betterment of an overall health of an individual as the food substance goes into the stomach and works on human body as a fuel through a passage or pathway called mouth, where th teeth inside the mouth acts as a medium of properly chewing and grinding the juices so that it enters into the stomach and gives us energy as well as satisfies our hunger.

Not only single time brushing the teeth is oral hygiene but there are few things explained elongated by the following ways they are :

  1. Brush twice a day :

Brushing twice a day like brushing teeth as soon as you wake up in the morning as well as while going to bed, brushing your teeth before going to bed is equally important to brushing the teeth as soon as you wake up in the morning. 

Brushing this way fades out the bacteria and hygiene is maintained.

  1. Brush properly :

Brushing activity needs the right effort where the cleaning should be done properly which includes good movements of brush on the teeth to fight against the bacteria and the bad breath. A correct technique is much needed for good brushing.

  1. Choose right toothpaste:

For brushing the most important part is brush as well as the paste, hence choose a toothpaste which is safe and effective to fight tooth decay and plague. Now a days there are multiple options in the form of charcoal and mint for paste prefers.

  1. Tongue cleaning :

It is not only the teeth but even the tongue which play absolutely an equal role in oral hygiene which should be taken care of by tongue cleaning it every time followed by brushing. Where the scales of food paste present on the tongue gets removed. Thus helping to maintain a oral hygiene.

  1. Flossing :

 flossing is a an additional activity besides brushing as well as tongue cleaning, in flossing the  microbial bacteria is shredded during the time of dislodging the food particles which remain on the teeth and in mouth, and cleaned teeth is seen and visible.

  1. Drink more water :

Hydrating yourself all the day helps not only the specific areas or the benefits but it impacts your overall health helping you to maintain and regulate the body temperature. 

  1. Clean oral equipment :

The tools you use and put them inside your mouth to clean your mouth organs and teeth are also important. It is that important for us to clean them regularly and see that they are tidy enough every time you put them in your mouth. Hence keep all the oral equipment clean and safe.


In this manner, We can achieve the good dental hygiene with consistency.