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Dental Emergency :

Dental emergency is a situation of solving the teeth issues regarding tissues which are highly supportive and related to the dental care should be done by the professionals.

It is all to be done in a certain manner like examining the problem from the basic level first and then know the root cause and then treatment procedure need to be started. 

Depending upon the situation like whether it is painful or painless the teeth or tooth needs to be treated and then resolved with certain further follow ups if needed by the professional.

Emergencies might be varied as many like they might be fractured, bacterial, fungal, toothache, oraphacial pain, bleeding gums or swollen gums etc anything comes under a dental emergency which is resolved in a certain time with proper schedule.

Medical emergency completely varies from that of physical ones, dental pain, dental trauma all these come under the medical emergencies.

  • Lost of broken filling
  • Crack, fracture and mobility 
  • Broken crown 
  • Loose implants 
  • Bleeding gums

All the above are the painless as well as painful experiences in the case of dental emergencies.