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This is one of the surgery performed mostly in the cosmetic industry. Where the face lifting is done to solve the problem of sagging of the skin to make the skin look more younger. It also helps to solve the problems of loose wrinkled skin, mainly near the cheeks and the jawline part as these two are the core parts to enhance the shape of the face.
In this facelift procedure, a flap of skin on both the sides of the face is pulled back, taking the angle of the face into a sharp jawline and chiseled look, tissues below the skin are altered, and excess skin is removed. All these makes the face more youthful and radiant. Neck is also considered as a part of the face itself where this surgery reduces the neck fat and removes the sagged skin.
This surgery is performed to change the whole face and look of the face, skin here which becomes loose will regain its elasticity and returns back as tighter one.
The face lift generally treats the sagging appearance, excess skin removal, skin folds which are deeper mainly to the nose edges and corners of the mouth.
A facelift surgery requires the preparation of complete medical history and examination, medication review, facial examination.
During the surgery, Facial skin is then re-draped on the new repositioned contours of the face. Excess skin is removed, and the wound is stitched or tape closed. Depending upon the techniques the incisions are present. According to the patient requirements the facelift procedure is done.

Post procedure or surgery

The patient may experience moderate pain, swelling, little bruises, and numbness. Post-surgery there are several appointments made for you to regular visits which include:
  • Day after the surgery: surgeon will removed the drainage tube, antibiotic ointment is also applied for incisions and bandages to the face
  • After three days of surgery all the bandages are removed and elasticised facial swings are used
  • After a week the stitches are also removed
  • Later on they’ll monitor the progress with regular visits
Facelift finally results in giving you a youthful appearance for face and neck, these last for almost 10 years and can be extent with good maintaining.

Why Choose La Clinique for Facelift

La Clinique’s Face Lift procedures combine innovation with artistry, offering comprehensive facial rejuvenation for a naturally youthful outcome, as we address sagging skin and wrinkles.