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Male Breast Hypertrophy

Male breast hypertrophy popular known as Gynaecomastia is a condition of overdevelopment or enlargement of the breast tissue in men or boys sometimes causing discomfort or nipple tenderness. The breasts become larger. They may grow unevenly. It occurs usually during infancy, adolescence or mid to late life. Gynecomastia often happens when a preteen or teenage boy is going through the hormonal changes of puberty. It can affect in one or both breasts. The condition often goes away on its own, but treatments are available for severe or persistent cases.

How to identify?

Gynecomastia can be seen as a button-sized growth underneath the nipple. A tiny breast lump is felt when you press on the area. The lump may move easily within the breast tissue and may be tender to touch.
What causes male breast hypertrophy? Ideal candidates for this procedure are:
  • It is due to an imbalance of testosterone and estrogen hormones in the body
  • Obesity
  • Adrenal tumors
  • Alcoholism
  • Liver disease
  • Thyroid disease
  • Few medications

How is it diagnosed?

Few people don’t need any treatment for Gynaecomastia. If the breast enlargement is due to any medication then they must stop using it immediately and check whether the swelling is gone or not.
Some men choose breast reduction surgery, in which breast tissues are removed and make them look smaller. Men with gynecomastia, rarely has a chance of developing breast cancer .one must visit healthcare provider if they notice any unusual breast changes.

Gynecomastia Surgery

Gynecomastia surgery is the best option to get rid of swollen breasts in men because workouts , diets won’t help. Medication, fat burner pills doent work. Homeopathy, ayurvedic medicines are ineffective. So surgery is the only solution.


Surgery is performed for about 45 minutes. Scars are barely visible. Excess glandular breast tissue through an incision in the margin of the nipple-areolar complex and/or skin excision (in very large male breasts) is made.

Recovery after Surgery

It can take between two to four weeks to heal enough to tolerate routine activities. This surgery is incredibly safe and most of the patients have smooth recovery.
After the surgery you will be no longer be embarrassed or feel ashamed. Your self esteem will improve and you will be able to participate in any activities and socialize without any hesitation or discomfort.

Why Choose La Clinique for Male Breast Hypertrophy

La Clinique offers a discreet and compassionate approach to Male Breast Hypertrophy treatment, helping you achieve a more masculine chest contour through advanced surgical methods.