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Ear Surgery

Ear surgery also called as Otoplasty is a surgical treatment done to improve the position, shape and proportion of the ear. The defects that are present at the time of birth is also corrected with the help of ear surgery. This surgery also treats misshapen of the ears which is caused by any accidental injuries and fix the position of it with appropriate placement to our face.

What all can this ear surgery can be treated?

  • Marcotia this is a scenario where large ears are seen which is treated in this ear surgery
  • Protruding ears like on one or even both sides of the face occurred is also treated
  • Re surgery if not satisfied which the previous positioning system is also done
For the ear surgery one should be healthy without the life threatening illness or any untreated chronic infection. Minimum 5 years and above it or the cartilage should be enough stable for corrections.
There are different types on ear surgery they are listed in the following ways:
  • Tympanoplasty: This is to repair the damaged eardrum
  • Mastoidectomy: This is remove the chronic infections
  • It also repairs the spinal fluid leaks
In general, the whole procedure of ear surgery takes at least 2-3 hours of time. Repairing smaller holes inside the eardrum by placing gel or paper over the drum takes 10 to 30 minutes.
Hearing loss impairment can be improved post the surgery as certain issues are solved due to surgical implantation devices.
Post surgery soft regular food is suggested which doesn’t exercise your facial muscles much to chew and swallow hence soft and simple food is suggested.
The success rate for ear surgery is almost 70 to 90%, in which the eardrum holes are successfully repaired. Complete hearing loss recovery needs a specific type of ear surgery. The type that’s used and the specific technique will depend on your needs. Recovery usually takes several weeks.

Why Choose La Clinique for Ear Surgery

La Clinique’s precise Ear Surgery techniques can reshape and resize ears for improved symmetry and proportion, enhancing both appearance and self-esteem.