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Majority of people in today’s world are struggling with obesity. It has become the common problem both in men and women. And they are struggling to shed off the fat that is accumulated in their bodies. Obesity in a person might have different reasons. It can be caused due to hormonal imbalance, by eating junk food, stress, not having balanced diet, inadequate sleep, not having food on time, and no physical work etc.
People are spending lots of time and money in gym, by doing rigorous workouts and adopting different meal plans to shape and tone their body. All these methods can help to an extent but people with extreme levels of bad cholesterol and stubborn fat may not be able to get rid of the fat easily. For such people liposuction is the best solution.
Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery used to remove excessive fat that is deposited between the muscle and the skin. Various fatcells are broken down and removed through suction techniques. This surgery is very effective, thus is adopted by many people around the world.
Doctors will always ensure that the person is having good health in order to perform the surgery. The doctor always does a physical examination and checks the medical history of the patient prior to surgery.


Surgery is performed under anesthesia. A suction like tube is inserted through those incisions from which excess fat between the muscles and the skin is removed. 1-3 inches of fat is removed through liposuction surgery.
The main goal of liposuction is to shape the body by removing inches. Many patients can lose 1-3 inches depending on the treatment area and the amount of fat removed.
There are few limitations when coming to liposuction. This surgery does not claim anything like skin tightening, removing stretch marks or any scars on the body.


  • It is very effective in getting rid of excess fat
  • It sculpts the body tissues and helps in achieving toned and slim body,/li>
  • Contours and reshapes the body

Post Surgery Care

Doctor advices the patient to have adequate amount of fluids to keep hydrated. Workout and strenuous activities must be completely avoided for few weeks. Post Surgery Rest, a proper medication from doctor will help a lot. Scars left after liposuction surgery are mostly invisible to the naked eye.
Liposuction is a safe procedure when mindful precautions are been taken prior surgery. One must choose a professional and highly skilled plastic surgeon to have best results.

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