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Clear aligners :

Clear aligners are like braces, they are the transparent trays made of a specific material useful for straightening the teeth in a sequence.

Gentle and smooth moves are used with constant force to get the teeth into a required position without painful and wired braces which takes lot of time.

These are customised for each person according to the alignment of their teeth, through a digital scan.

They work gradually by moving the teeth according to the requirements from their position in desired direction. The positioning of the teeth are seen and observed regularly with the scan using a computer software. For future projections the computerised images help us to go with the alignment process. The automatic milling machine prepares the tray sets for you. 

These aligners are completely customised and are hassle free in usage causing no difference separately on the teeth surface.

There are no restrictions on eating and drinking any foods as you will be removing them before every meal.

They don’t even cause speech problems. 

Clear aligners are very much better than the traditional bracers as aligners are invisible and one cannot spot them easily. 

And clear aligners are removable as everyone have freedom to remove aligners while eating, brushing & flossing.

As it is removable, it is easy to maintain a healthy oral care. And it is easier to fix them as it fits smoothly on the teeth. 


Care for aligners users :

Though these aligners are the most comfortable as well as easiest option there are few precautions which need to be taken care of. The set of guidelines that should be followed diligently are :

  •  minimum 20 hours a day the aligners should be worn for the best results.
  •  maintain hygiene in your aligners, brush aligners the same way as you brush your teeth.
  •  Remove your aligners while brushing, flossing & eating. Never have it on especially while consuming anything hot.
  •  Keep them safe in the box as given by your Orthodontist to prevent it from getting dirty.

 Post treatment care : 

  • Take care of food habits
  • Hygiene oral care with regular brushing 
  • Regular visits to dentists.