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Breast lift

Sagging breasts or breast ptosis is a major concern in women. Sagging breasts are unpleasing and awful. This problem is seen in all the women at any point of time in their life . This issue arises irrespective of the breast sizes. Few reasons that cause sagging breasts are pregnancy, weight gain, weight loss, menopause , breakdown of mammary glands , loss of elasticity in the skin, smoking and also lack of proper support.
The best method to fix the issue of sagging breast is BREAST LIFTING. Breast lift also called as mastopexy is the surgical procedure which aims to change the shape of the breasts and make them firm.

Breast lift

This surgery is performed as an out patient procedure under general anaesthesia. Different techniques are used depending on the Physical features of the breasts. Mostly three incisions are made I.e around the nipple , under the nipple till the bottom of the breasts and lastly along the breast crease. These incisions will define the area with excess skin in the sagged area and gives perfect shape to the breasts. Once everything is in place, nipples and areola are placed in a new position and the breasts are reshaped.

Post care

Taking proper rest will help you to recover fast . General healing time after breast lift surgery is six to eight weeks. Compression garments are advised to use after the surgery . One must follow proper healthy diet and must stay hydrated . Consumption of alcohol and cigarettes are strictly avoided because it may prolong healing time.
Thus breast lift procedure is safe and the results lasts upto 10 – 15 years depending upon the lifestyle of an individual.
Breast lift surgery boosts confidence, restores youthful appearance and builds self image of an individual.

Why Choose La Clinique for Breast Lift

La Clinique specializes in Breast Lift procedures that restore youthful contours. With our precise techniques, you can expect lifted, firmer breasts and improved confidence.