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Dental veneers :

  • In the cosmetic industry dental veneers are the one which has become the most popular and come under the category of cosmetic dentistry treatments where the flaws of our teeth are concealed properly which is very much beneficial and important for the one who are representing in front of the camera. It conceals all types of problems like stains, cracks and chips or any other imperfections.
  • Every person has the specific fixing of this veneers according to their requirements there are different types of veneers.
    The imperfection of any tooth is replaced by veneer. Even discolouration of the teeth can be resolved by this veneers.
  • These days people mostly who want to clear their minor smile issues are getting done these veneers. These dental restoring resolves the problem of broken tooth or the chipped one, fills the gaps and spaces between the teeth or which are not in order and irregular, stubborn stains which are caused by chewing tobacco etc wherein veneers help in whitening of teeth and irregular ones specifically in shape and size wise.

In veneers we have few types they are:

  1. Composite veneers
  2. Porcelain veneers 
  3. No prep veneers 
  4. Removable veneers

Post veneers treatment and to last them for more time proper care has to be taken mainly on the initial days as well as intermediate, importantly one must be careful while eating and hard food items which requires lot of effort in biting and chewing like apple,  carrot and other hard and crunchy things. These veneers enhance your smile and its appearance, naturally blend with your real teeth, long lasting lifetime with no additional maintenance.