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Tooth extraction :

  • Removal of tooth with an intension is the tooth extraction, the reasons are many behind this tooth extraction like, if there’s any tooth decay, infection and crowding these tooth extraction is done.
  • Generally tooth decay means if because of any cavities the tooth gets damaged then its tooth decay where in that case it is necessary for tooth to be extracted.
  • Tooth infection occurs when no proper oral hygiene is mainatained, so that the bacteria present on the teeth and inside the mouth gets multiplied resulting to severe tooth infection.
  • Crowding is the concept where due to irregular pattern of the teeth, people to make them aligned go for a traditional way which is braces where in for inclined pattern with adjustment for straightening them extra tooth will be removed which is called crowding.
  • So in these above explained three specific cases the tooth extraction is done.
    So this tooth extraction is mainly done under the supervision of dental professionals and would be manageable if a complete tooth is extracted by anaesthesia or in genera but the half broken tooth or the below the surface located tooth requires time to remove.

Preparation for tooth extraction:

Before extraction of the tooth certain general medical examinations are conducted, where in teeth x rays are taken and examined by the dentist, and ensure that you say all your medical intakes like vitamin supplements etc before the extraction itself.
In this tooth extraction there are two types they are the simple extraction and the surgical extraction.