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Labiaplasty is a surgery which is performed for the females who are above the age of 18, it is usually done to reduce the size of labia minora it is the skin that folds which surrounds the urethra and vagina which causes discomfort during the physical exercises, intercourse or any kind of outdoor activities.
This labiaplasty is also performed for the cosmetic reasons which comes under the gender affirming surgery.
To reduce the physical discomfort specifically which is observed or experienced by the people who are bothered by this labia minora which can be reduced or even increased according to the requirements and specifications of the patient this surgery is performed.
There are mainly two openings in this labia minora the first one is labia majora which is located in outer circle also called as large lips, and the second one is the labia minora called as the small lips, these outer and inner folding shell your urethra and vagina.
In case of increasing the size of labia minora a filler material or fat is injected into your labia to increase in size. If in case of decreasing its size tissues are removed according to the requirement in reducing the size of minora.
The reasons for getting done this labiaplasty are differed like they are physical, emotional as well as mental reason for the ones who undergo this labiaplasty surgery. In physical it is the discomfort and irritation are the major ones, and in emotional it is to improve confidence, comfort and for sexual well-being, and well appearance thoughts during intimacy are some of emotional as well as mental reasons.

Why Choose Labiaplasty

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