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PRP the, platelet rich plasma treatment where in the solution of recovery is taken from human body itself to treat certain ailments. This PRP treatment is booming now and gaininso much popularity in variety of circumstances such as injuries during sports to hair loss in aging or by any other reason. This treatment has the specific feature where the patient own blood cells are used for healing the affects area.
The PRP treatments are most likely to be performed in joint injuries of bones and even in dislocation process, it also stimulates the hair follicles on bald head which got suffered from extensive hair loss even after trying multiple treatments.
PRP has embarked its status with popular significance in the cosmetic industry providing treatment for beauty as well as baldness i.e., both for hair and skin.
As treatment involves only with the patient’s own cells and tissues it is considered safe and scientifically proven and can be administered alone or can use conjunction methodology if treatment demands and requires.
The platelets itself known for their important role in the complete blood configuration, with the clotting abilities and growth factors which contribute in the regeneration of cell production and by stimulating tissue regeneration and then starts healing that area, PRP containing more number of platelets than normal.
For many conditions PRP is being used till date, in post surgery healing, ligament, joint and muscle injuries, these PRP injections help in alleviating the pain, increasing the mobility and decrease in inflammation.

PRP for hair

After multiple hair transplants and other treatments these days people are majorly facing the problem of hair loss both in men and women. This PRP treatment has been one of the effective treatments for pattern baldness in men, helping in promoting the new hair growth and prevention of hair loss. It stimulates the new hair growth from the dead follicles post the treatment.

PRP for skin

As discussed PRP has taken its place in cosmetic industry PRP is being used now for anti aging treatments for skin by reducing the wrinkles and other gradual signs of aging naturally. As there’s no foreign substance entering or involving in the treatment of PRP, everything is from the patient itself and hence we see zero side effects.
For every 6 to 12 months there must be a regular follow up in treatment according to the proficiency of hairline of patient.