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Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery which is also called as Blepharoplasty is the surgical procedure which is done to improve the appearance of our eyes and the area around them to make them look perfectly. The surgery is for fading away the tiredness look around your eyes and make them look lively by performing incision method both under the upper lids and lower lids, removing the stubborn dark circles, and also reduces the sagged skin, reduces bagged skin present near the lower lids. This surgery also removes the excess skin which is produced and as the age increases the skin elasticity decrease and skin becomes loose day by day causing it to form wrinkles near the eye area, loose skin, dark circles. So for treating all these issues both upper lids and lower lids Blepharoplasty can be performed.
This surgery not only does the excess removal of skin, fat etch but it also does the tissue replacement done according to the requirements of the condition of the patient.
Blepharoplasty solely doesn’t perform all the problems like reducing the dark circles, solving the wrinkles issue called crow feet and excess skin removal, but with the assessment and coordination of laser resurfacing and brow lifts everything gets completed.
A thorough examination of the eye, eyelids, facial skin and underlying tissues will be performed to guarantee that the procedure will not jeopardize the health and integrity of your eyes.
Another important component of the consultation is a thorough discussion of your expected outcomes of any potential operation to ensure that they are reasonable and obtainable.
The eyes are a major aesthetic element and are frequently the first thing people notice about you, so being happy with how they look is essential for positive self-esteem.
As a result, the physical enhancements brought about by cosmetic eyelid surgery will undoubtedly help to boost your self-image and self-esteem.

Suitable candidates for eyelid surgery are

The candidates suitable for eye lid surgery should be 30 years above with good health and proper eye conditions suitable for the surgery to be performed.
Any kind of medical conditions if there, are needed to be informed before the surgery itsels. Like dry eyes, detached retina, glaucoma , hypothyroidism, high blood pressure issues and etc.
Depending upon the requirements the surgery is performed Upper Blepharoplasty and lower Blepharoplasty. They are explained in detail by the following ways:
Upper Blepharoplasty: In this surgery, the incision is performed in the nature crease of upper eyelid. These incision will be hidden when your eyes are open. After removing the protruding fat and excess skin the incision is closed.
Lower Blepharoplasty: In this lower Blepharoplasty incision is made below the eyelash line, here the excess skin is removed below the eyelid, covering of lower eyelid issues is done and redistributes the excess fat.
Duration depends on the specific issue which is to be treated and in general 45 minutes is taken.

Recovery Period

Minimum 10 to 14 days is the time for the recovery period. Cold compresses and antibiotic ointment to ease any swelling. Surgeon suggests following precautions:

  • Taking proper care of your eyes
  • Medications to aid healing and reduce infection to maximum levels
  • Visits suggested according to the surgeon’s advice

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